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Die-Cuts (1967)

This is the earliest set that I know of. These are actually die-cut cards with paste on the back. You were supposed to wet the back and stick them on things. I'm sure they didn't work very good, so they were released as stickers later on.

There are 2 very rare cards from this set. Ratz Crackers and Cracked Animals were pulled from the set early on, and were replaced with reprints of Weakies and Cracked Jerk. If you look closely at the reprints, you can see that the dies were never replaced, and the cuts don't match very well with the new products. Most sets sold include the 2 versions of Weakies and Cracked Jerk. Ratz Crackers and Cracked Animals are very rare, and sell for more than $1000 each in nice shape. There are 12 die-cuts (14 if you include the rare ones) that were not released in the first series of 30 stickers (or any later series). These have a higher value due to higher demand. They are numbers 1, 2, 5, 6, 11, 14, 15, 18, 21, 23, 37, and 43. Numbers 32a and 38a are the rares, and 38b is the Cracked Jerk reprint that is also in slightly higher demand. The other 30 die-cuts were released in 1973 as the first series of Wacky Packages stickers. They were also released as a set of 30 cloth stickers. Fearstone Tires (#2) was eventually reprinted in both sets of album stickers.

There are also some rare number variations in this set. Some of the variations reported in the Benjamin Guide were just miscuts that placed the wrong number on an adjacent card. These should just be treated as miscuts, not true variations. The verified variations, according to Andrew Relkin, are #2 Duzn't Do Nuthin, #5 Chock full of Nuts and Bolts, #6 Grave Train, #15 Skimpy, #18 Quacker Oats #21 Jolly Mean Giant, #21 Maddie Boy, #23 6-Up, #34 Paul Maul, #37 Breadcrust, #43 Maddie Boy, and #43 Breadcrust. Paul Argyropoulos doubts the existence of the #34 Paul Maul (he's never seen one).

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