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Tom's Wacky Packages Grade Guide Created 8/14/99

This Grade Guide was created to help assist collectors, sellers and buyers of wacky packages in determining the condition of their stickers. This guide is by no means perfect since general condition observations are subjective and some collectors are more picky then others. I hope this guide helps make collecting wacky packages more enjoyable for everyone.


MINT = Mint
NRMT = Near Mint
EX = Excellent
VG = Very Good


MINT = A flawless card in like-new condition and perfectly centered. Appears fresh out of the pack.

NRMT+ = A card that has 1 minor flaw
NRMT = A card that has 2 minor flaws
NRMT- = A card that has 3 minor flaws

EX+ = A card that has 1 moderate OR more then 3 minor flaws
EX = A card that has 2 moderate flaws
EX- = A card that has 3 moderate flaws

VG+ = A card that has 1 major OR more then 3 moderate flaws
VG = A card that has 2 major flaws
VG- = A card that has 3 major flaws

Minor Flaws (examples):

- Very slightly off-center (about 55/45 in any direction, black border not touching edge)
- Very slight corner wear
- Very slight edge wear
- Very slight yellowing
- Very slight color fade
- Very slight dirt or wax residue on small area of front or back

Moderate Flaws (examples):

- Somewhat off-center (about 60/40 in any direction, black border not touching edge)
- Some corner wear
- Some edge wear
- Some yellowing
- Some color fade
- Some light dirt or wax residue on front or back
- Slightly creased or bent in small area or one corner
- Slightly curled or warped

Major Flaws (examples):

- Very off-center (more then 60/40 in any direction OR black border touching edge)
- Very worn corner(s)
- Rough edge(s)
- Small tear (less then 1 cm.)
- Soiled or noticeably worn face
- Gum staining on front or back
- Very noticeable color fade or yellowing
- Heavy crease or bend across card
- Very small amount of writing on back of card only (pencil or pen)

UNACCEPTABLE Flaws (ANY of these flaws DISQUALIFY a card from grading and significantly decrease value):

- Missing part or all of border
- Missing part or all of backing
- A peeled sticker or one that has separated or pulled away from it's backing in any area
- Writing on front or heavy writing back of card (pencil or pen)
- Stained from any substance other then Gum (including water damage)
- Tears or cuts larger then 1 cm.
- Significant creases (like if it had been crumpled up)
- Significant damage from heat or light (badly faded, browning or dark yellow border, etc.)
- Damage or scratches that pierce or tear the front or back of card
- Any other significant flaw that ruins the original appearance of the card

Printing Defects NEED TO BE NOTED (if applicable) in addition to grade ratings:

Miscut - Not cut straight from the factory or noticeably wider/narrower/longer/shorter then other cards
Tracks - Printing roller tracks (light tread-like indentation marks) when noticeable
Printing Mark(s) - Stickers with printing lines, stars or streaks from the original printing
Blurry Image - A sticker that has a slightly blurry image or color inconsistency.
Skewed sticker - A sticker that has the image more then 5% skewed from being parallel with edges.

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