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Final Grade Ratings


MINT = Mint
NRMT = Near Mint
EX = Excellent
VG = Very Good
FAIR = Fair
POOR = Poor

Definitions & % of Value:

MINT = A flawless card in like-new condition and perfectly centered. Appears fresh out of the pack and holds a premium price value more then 100%.
NRMT = A card that has up to a couple of minor flaws, but still looks close to Mint overall. Price Guides usually base prices on NRMT cards so they are 100% of full value.
EX = A card that has a few minor flaws but is still in excellent condition overall, considering it's age. Although cards in excellent condition lose some of their full value they are generally accepted by most collectors. 80% of full value.
VG = A card that either has a lot of minor flaws or a couple of serious flaws which hurt it's overall appearance. Some collectors are still interested in cards in this condition. 50% of full value.
FAIR = A card with some serious flaws which significantly detract from it's appearance and that most collectors are not interested in. 25% of full value.
POOR = The worst rating a card can have. A card in poor condition with little to no value. 0% of full value.