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FOR SALE: Rare Wacky Packages Uncut Sheet!

This is an Uncut Sheet of Wacky Packages from the mid 1970's. There are 160 stickers (32 different) on it! It has a tan back and is in great shape. The only minor flaws are that it is slightly curled from being stored "rolled up" and there is a very small tear on one edge (only about 1 inch). The back is clean and you don't have to worry about gum stains!:)

It includes original series wacky packages stickers from series 1 through 7 of 1973 and 1974. There is even 5 rare Lavirus stickers from the 1st series on it!

This sheet is NOW on EBAY for auction! Click HERE to check out the auction and to make a bid. Good Luck!

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