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Original Wrappers
Year issued: 1967-1991
Number of wrappers: One or more for each series
Harder to find wrappers: Die-Cut and Wacky Ad wrappers
Summary: There were many kinds of wrappers with different designs and colors used for wacky packages over the years. Each wrapper has a unique identification code number. Even the original series wrappers changed in each new series. The Die Cuts and Wacky Ads wrappers are somewhat scarce.
Click to view box Original Display Boxes
Year issued: 1967-1991
Number of boxes: One or more for each series
Harder to find boxes: Die-cuts, Ads and earlier Original Series boxes
Summary: Just as there were many types of wrappers, there were also many different wacky packages display boxes with different designs and colors. Original display boxes can be difficult to find and are popular with many wacky collectors.
Click to view another sheet Uncut Sheets
Year issued: 1967-1991
Number of sheets: 1 or more from each series
Harder to find sheets: All are hard to find except the 1979 Reprint sheets
Summary: Up until recently, any uncut sheets of wacky packages were very hard to find. They still are, with the exception of the 1979 Reprint sheets where some 10,000+ of them were discovered, sold and distibuted sometime in 1999, flooding the market. The 1967 through 1976 uncut sheets remain the focus of collectors today and are highly valuable. My brother recently purchased a very large Wonder Bread Uncut Sheet at a flea market for $20. It was quite a find!
Click to view the entire set Wall Placks
Year issued: 1974
Number of placks: 36
Harder to find placks: Kook
Summary: Wacky Wall Placks were a mail-in item listed on the back of wacky pack wrappers in 1974. There were 36 of them offered. Click the picture to see a picture of all of them. As one collector put it, wacky wall-placks are the "poor mans original artwork". This is because placks were re-photographed straight from the original artwork, so they are the largest and clearest Wacky Pack images of the mass-produced items.
Click to view art Wacky Original Art Roughs
Year issued: 1967-1991
Number of Roughs: Unknown
Harder to find Art: All
Summary: Original Art Roughs, like this one by Jay Lynch, can be found and have recently become collectible. Roughs are the final drawings or sketches made by the artist before submitting to become final artwork.
Click to view art Wacky Original Art
Year issued: 1967-1991
Number of Original Art pieces: 500+
Harder to find Original Art: All
Summary: Original Art, like these original series pieces by Norm Saunders, have become quite desirable among collectors. Norm Saunders, a famous pulp artist, did the final artwork for over 90% of the Original Series wacky packages. I own the original artwork to Leek Oil Dripper, click here to view it.
Click to view checklist Wacky Tattoos
Year issued: 1973
Number of tattoos: 57
Harder to find tattoos: None
Summary: Sold by Topps in 1973, these tattoos came packaged as a single tattoo and a stick of bubble gum. Based on early stickers from the original 16 series, there were 57 different tattoos in the 2 sets of 30 because 3 titles were never issued.
Click to view checklist Wacky Posters
Year issued: 1973-1974
Number of posters: 24
Harder to find posters: None
Summary: Based on the stickers from the original 16 series, these 24 posters were sold in 1973 and 1974. The artwork on the posters was a stretched and modified version from the stickers, making them look slightly different. The only original design was #13 Wacky Garbage.
Click to see the patches Wacky Patches
Year issued: 1974
Number of patches: 12
Harder to find patches: None
Summary: Sold by Topps around 1974, these sew-on patches were sold in stores like wacky packages. There were 12 of them: 6-Up, Poopsie Cola, Crust, Neveready, Jail-O, Wormy Packages, Gadzooka, Fang, Ajerx, Kook-Aid, Crakola Crayons and Grave Train. Shown is a picture of he advertising for them, click the picture to see the patches.
Click to see magnet set Refrigerator Magnets
Year issued: Late 1970's
Number of magnets: 6
Harder to find magnets: None
Summary: Not made by Topps, they were actually made in Tiawan. There were 6: Baby Runt, Blisterine, Clamy, Sneer, Peter Pain and Soft Head Bubbles.
Click to see another bank Wacky Chalk Banks
Number of Banks: ?
Year issued: mid 1970's
Harder to find banks: ?
Summary: These wacky banks were made in the 70's. I have 2 of them: Mice Krusties and Quacker Oats. I have never seen any others so I don't know how many there were. They are approximately 5" high 3" wide and 2" deep with a slot at the top and a rubber stopper on the bottom. Chalk banks were popular in the 50's, 60's, and 70's.
Click to see flyer Wacky Albums
Number of Albums: 4
Year issued: 1999
Harder to find Albums: N/A
Summary: These Wacky Albums are now available from Non-Sport Update to store your original series collection in. There are 4 of them that hold 4 series each. Check out the original flyer that was sent out here.